The Empathy Factor Webinar Series - Free Registration

Please join our team for a three-part webinar series on 'The Empathy Factor' starting Thursday 15th October 2020, register your place today.

Investor in Customers Ambassador Award - Free Webinar Registration

In partnership with Investor In Customers (IIC), we’re excited to announce the IIC Ambassador Award - a brand new customer experience development programme and recognition award for individuals.

Please join our team for a one-hour preview webinar on the new award. Places are limited, so please book your place now.

Mental Health Awareness Week – Free Webinar Registration

During these very uncertain and stressful times, the Accelerator team is here to help. We’re pleased to be supporting Mental Health Awareness Week which takes place from 18-24 May 2020. We’re providing a series of free webinars throughout the week, co-hosted by our Senior Consultant Steve Farmer and Mental Health First Aid specialist Nina Maan. This year’s theme is KINDNESS – a simple but powerful aspect of our communication that has such a positive impact when it comes to emotional resilience, managing stress and personal confidence.

Mental Health First Aid training courses explained

As we become more aware of mental health issues and the serious impact they can have in the workplace, more companies are seeking out effective solutions to improve the mental wellbeing of their employees. Mental Health First Aid is one of these solutions, and in this article we will try to answer some common questions about the subject.

What to expect from a leadership course

This article will provide you with all the reasons why putting forward your promising managers for an Accelerator Solutions leadership course can be cost-effective, improve morale and retention and ultimately benefit your business.

 Customer service training for utility companies

Did you know: 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience? (Oracle) Additionally, a customer who has had a bad experience is likely to tell 9-15 people about it! (Reputation Refinery)

Customer service training for the hospitality industry

According to UK hospitality statistics for 2017, the hospitality industry accounts for 3.2m jobs through direct employment and is the 3rd biggest employer in the UK. This is bigger than automotive, pharmaceuticals and aerospace combined, and twice as big as financial services. Significantly, the industry generated over £72bn of gross value directly to the UK economy, and a further £86bn indirectly. As a result, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that hospitality is thriving.

Angel Trains re-appoint Accelerator Solutions until 2021

Angel Trains, one of Britain's leading train leasing companies, has re-appointed Accelerator to manage its Stakeholder Feedback Programme until 2021...

Customer service training tips for public sector employees

According to the Office for National Statistics, 5.34 million people across the United Kingdom work in the public sector (as of June 2018). If you’re one of these employees and aiming to improve the customer service delivered within your department, the information in this article will outline a number of basic customer service tips. However, Accelerator Solutions believes that in order to achieve maximum results, customer service training should be tailored to the context of an organisation. As a result, our training courses and workshops are aligned with the specific needs of your team.

House of Commons to partner with Accelerator Solutions

We are very proud to say that Accelerator has been appointed by the House of Commons to deliver...

Customer Service Week - Friday

Did you know, according to Tom Rath's and Dr. Donald Clifton’s book ‘How Full Is Your Bucket’, the number one reason individuals leave their job is that they don’t feel appreciated. Recognition is one of the most important things you can do to increase retention and lower turnover. What is employee recognition? In the simplest way possible, employee recognition is the acknowledgement of a job well done. See, that’s it. It’s just about showing them that you notice and appreciate all the hard work they’re doing.

Customer Service Week - Thursday


Customer Service Week - Wednesday


Accelerator Solutions shortlisted for UK Customer Experience Awards 2018...

We are excited to announce that, in partnership with The Gym Group, we have been shortlisted as a finalist at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2018 for ‘Best customer experience training - Programme/Project’!

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