Communications Audit & Customer Service Call Analysis

Our communication audit and customer service call analysis solutions are all about helping you make the right decisions - turning data and information into insight and action. We help you understand what will make a real, positive difference to the way you do business – now and into the future.

We review your sales and customer service delivery using a range of methodologies (in compliance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct) to create detailed, insightful and, above all, effective improvement strategies. We get into the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’, ensuring that our recommendations for action are based on human factors rather than just scores and statistics. We give you valuable insight, provide crucial decision support and help you turn insights into action.

We help improve customer service

We help clients improve sales and customer service delivery by regularly monitoring and gauging the standard of service during call handling their inbound and outbound customer communication. We either listen and analyse your calls or analyse written communication with your customers, e.g. emails, web chats.

Depending on your business needs we work with you to determine a criteria framework against which we will evaluate your customer communication. Some criteria examples include conversation control, service recovery, empathy, proactivity and personalisation.

We help you train and develop

To help you train and develop your customer facing employees you will receive a detailed report, illustrating customer service performance at different levels highlighting key development areas at each level. Our team can then anonymise and re-record most notable extracts which may be used during training days.


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