Wider consultancy services are offered from us to support our core research, training and development services. Consultancy solutions have been specifically developed to help our clients build a confident capability and a lasting service culture that supports the business vision and goals.

We ask the questions that will give you new insight, helping you identify where opportunities exist to release untapped potential in your people and processes. We also help assess the added value being provided by your business compared to best practice elsewhere. We help you define your service proposition to the market and then link competencies and behaviours to assist with future recruitment.

From a people perspective, our consultancy services include HR support and competency development. We can also act as facilitators for internal conferences or executive off-site meetings. Our consultancy services also include facilitating the process of designing and integrating core values into your business, as well as process mapping based around the key customer-oriented processes.

Examples of some of our work include:
- Core Values Development
- Service Process Mapping and Review
- Defining the Service Proposition (what ‘great’ looks like)
- Competency Development
- Service Strategy development
- Conference Facilitation


Berkeley Group

We have partnered with Accelerator for several years to deliver significant cultural and organisational improvements across the Berkeley Group.

Andrew Saunders Davies, Chairman at Berkeley Homes Oxford and Chiltern and Berkeley Homes Western

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