Training: Bite Size Learning

Short and engaging learning topics delivered in 1 hour or 90 minutes, either face to face (whilst complying with social distancing rules) or virtual.



Power Hours Mighty 90

Power Hours

PowerHours are compact, high energy learning sessions, focusing on one or two key messages and lasting 60 minutes.

Mighty 90

Mighty 90 are short learning sessions, focusing on one or two key themes with extra opportunity for interaction and practice, lasting 90 minutes.

Topics can include the below

We are always happy to develop bespoke subjects for you, just get in touch.

Looking at your team through 9 different lenses - with development paths for each individual - how good would that be! This workshop will use a tool which will help you identify where your team are in their role and their development and where you can help them go next in their career.

Understanding what makes your team members tick is critical to overall team performance and individual motivation, morale and engagement. Knowing how you and your team are motivated and linking that directly to levels of engagement will stop you from thinking 'people seem engaged as they have a smile on their face' to knowing specifically that they are highly engaged and driving the team and business forwards.

Conflict is different for everyone - what people see as conflict could be poles apart - what's important here though is understanding what the difference in opinion is, the type of conflict that has occurred and how you best overcome it - all of which you will get from this workshop.

Emotional Intelligence is highly topical - often misunderstood and easy to make sweeping statements about whether it really matters. Emotionally intelligent leaders are easier to follow because the team member feels appreciated, involved, engaged and importantly is understood. This introduction to EI focusses on the critical traits of a leader creating strong relationships with their team members.

Having a idea of the big-picture is great for you, your team and the business - Thinking conceptually, imaginatively and strategically tells your bosses that you’re able to think for yourself and make decisions that position the organisation for the future. It assures them that you aren’t making decisions in silos but are considering how other departments might be affected or how the outside world will respond.

Accuracy and Attention to detail are critical in life and in work - we all make some basic mistakes and errors - even when we are concentrating. This workshop focusses on how easy it is to make these mistakes and you'll learn some simple skills to avoid making those in the future.

If you encounter expressions of dis-satisfaction in your role then here is the workshop for you! We will focus on the positive aspect of handling complaints or when people's expectations haven't been met. We call it 'Sorted' because that's what people will feel has happened when they deal with you.

Exploring what causes us stress and how to manage these stresses proactively.

Creating an awareness of what Mental Health means and the impact it has on you, your friends, your family and colleagues

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