In 2023 our team at Accelerator worked with a record number of clients to develop and define the internal values that shape their culture.


Many large employers are setting a precedent by enforcing office working policies and, according to July 2023 LinkedIn data, there has already been a 21.5% reduction in the advertisement of remote roles. In fact, recruitment specialist Hays found that the tide has turned on hybrid working; more workers are now completely office-based (43%) compared to hybrid working (39%).

BUT let’s not get bogged down in statistic, numbers and metrics…

We conducted thousands of phone, Teams, in person and online interviews last year, covering employee engagement and exit interviews, as well as customer and stakeholder feedback. It’s clear that many companies have not been able to balance the hybrid working model and also maintain a well-defined, supportive internal culture. Mandating office working has been the knee-jerk reaction for many CEO’s perhaps feeling their company identity slipping away, yet flexible working is often a key factor in employee satisfaction! Certainly, the CIPD reported that 71% of workers view a flexible working pattern as important to them when considering a new role.


You’re left with the risk of a polarised workforce. Those who preferred to work in the office are either invigorated by the return of their colleagues or left struggling to share ‘their’ space and adjust to the new ‘new normal’. Separately, those who have returned under duress are either demotivated by the mandate, or overwhelmed by the noise, distractions and social elements of a fully-occupied working office. Not forgetting those newer graduates or Gen Z workers who may find the office environment intimidating due to their limited exposure to office working.

The rising importance of Values

And so we circle back to the importance of developing clear company values, or adjusting existing ones to suit the new environment. Values define what we believe in, how we behave and how we all do our work. Amidst the chaos of the last few years, it’s important for employees to all be singing from the same song sheet and redefining core company values is an integral part of hitting the reset button.

With more businesses making permanent changes to working patterns and policies, it’s more important than ever to develop shared values to create a cohesive culture of collaboration and understanding across the organisation. If done correctly, by welcoming input from employees, the values can shape a positive culture that resonates with staff and eases the transition back to office. Values can also provide a long-term growth opportunity, by embedding a distinct culture into the DNA of an organisation that attracts new talent and offers clear guiding principles for all new joiners.

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