One thing Leah is most conscious of is not changing who she is. “I’d be devastated if somebody told me, ‘You’ve changed’. Instead of maybe trying to apply myself to the role, it’s about trying not to be any different.”
England team-mate Demi Stokes said: “She’s very cool, very calm and most importantly she’s Leah and she just brings herself”.

“It’s the way she interacts with people. She’s just easy-going, has that understanding that it’s not all about her. It is about bringing other people in, getting the best out of them, giving them a voice” says teammate Ellen White. "I'm not pretending to know all the answers and Maybe it's because I'm not pretending to know the answers or pretending to be the readiest, I've ever been” bravely admits Leah.

Teammate Keira Walsh told The Times earlier this summer: “She got in trouble a lot for me; I think because she was the captain. They would call Leah into a meeting and she’d be getting, ‘Keira needs to be on time more’. When we were young, she was the more serious one of the two of us. She’d remind me not to be late, the kit I needed. I would text her and be like, ‘What time do we need to go to breakfast? What kit are we supposed to be wearing?’ A lot of times she was dragging me to places.’

There is no one more calm, composed, or humble than Leah. She has never been sent off for Arsenal and has never had more than two yellow cards in a season.

All of these qualities are transferable to any other workplace environment, whether you’re a manager at a retail store, a CEO at a finance company or project manager at construction company. Lead authentically, have your team’s back, stay calm and composed and remain humble in success.

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