In a bid to combat the gloom associated with Blue Monday, Accelerator Solutions proudly announced its support for Samaritans' #BrewMonday initiative this year. Recognising the negatice annual impact of the Blue Monday trend, the company took a proactive approach by encouraging its team to swap the blues for brews and engage in meaningful conversations with those around them.

As part of the festivities, Accelerator Solutions decided to inject a dose of fun into the day by initiating a 'Best Brew' photo contest among its colleagues. Team members enthusiastically submitted pictures showcasing their favourite brews, adding a delightful touch to the initiative.

"We believe that fostering positive connections is essential, especially in times when the Monday blues tend to prevail. By participating in #BrewMonday, we aim to not only uplift the spirits of our team but also contribute to the larger mission of promoting mental well-being," commented Henry Hopkins, co-founder at Accelerator Solutions.

To further support the cause, Accelerator Solutions invites everyone to join the conversation. Comment below with your pick for the 'Best Brew' or share your own favorite brew to spread awareness and encourage a sense of community.

For more information on #BrewMonday and Samaritans' impactful initiatives, head to the Samaritans Website.

Accelerator Solutions remains committed to promoting positive workplace culture and mental health awareness, one brew at a time. 

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