Join us in celebrating Karen Smith's remarkable 22-year journey with Accelerator Solutions! From her early days in support and creative roles to leading our research team, Karen has been instrumental in shaping our growth as an organisation.

Today, as our Company Secretary, she spearheads our financial, legal, and administrative endeavours, driving Accelerator's success through her dedication and expertise. Here's to Karen's outstanding contributions and the countless milestones yet to come!

"Karen is a pleasure to work with, she does so much for Accelerator and we value her immensely!" - Sam Gough

"As the newest starter at Accelerator, Karen has always been so lovely to me and she consistently checks in to ensure I have everything I need to perform at my best! Karen’s subtle yet critical support behind the scenes doesn’t go unnoticed; she’s the backbone of the organisation!" - Torina Leihal

"Karen is the glue that holds the Accelerator team together." - Ann-Marie Barker

"Karen is a blend of empathy, kindness, and creativity. She transforms spreadsheets and stats into chocolate art bringing the data to life in an original and ‘sweet’ way. Her creativity when we designed the clues for the Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt helped bring the fun and the very very very competitive spirit of Accelerator to the event. Thank you Karen for all you do behind the scenes." - Nina Maan

"I remember meeting Karen when she’d just started and we did a course together. We had a great time and got to know each other quite well. She’s a ray of sunshine and always super helpful and in addition, her calm and professional demeanour is fantastic." - Lottie Skuthe-Cook

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Karen since I started with ASL December 2013. She is utterly professional, totally organised and get things done, always with a smile and friendly manner. I would be lost without her supporting me in my role and I know overall she is a massive asset to our team. She works tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly with the company and staff. I can’t thank her enough for the professional and personal support I have received from her. Massive thanks and congratulations to Karen on 22 years with Accelerator!" - Natalie Fell

"I’ve worked with Karen for about 20 years, initially when I was an associate and then for the last 17 years she has been a direct colleague. She is incredibly diligent and reliable and is a “walking & talking” version of the sort of customer service attributes we aim to help other organisations achieve in their people. All the service cliches are true of Karen – she “goes the extra mile”; “nothing is too much trouble”; she is assertive about what is and is not possible, but always focuses on what she “can-do” if something specific is not quite possible. Personally, I trust her and rely on her 100% She always helps in whatever way she can, and as well as being conscientious, effective and efficient in whatever she provides to anyone that needs her, she is an extremely warm, supportive, and empathic colleague."- Richard Harvey

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