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After over 20 years helping businesses stand out from the rest, we’ve seen what’s really made the difference in accelerating the cultural change needed.

Three words: Clarity, Consistency and Confidence.

Whether you’re creating the best customer experience or developing your people and leaders, addressing these three simple words, in that order, can really bring pace to things.

This might involve answering some tough, honest questions like:

CLARITY – Are your teams clear on the vision and their role in achieving it? Do they know and understand your core values? Are they clear on what ‘great’ service should look and feel like for your customers?

CONSISTENCY – Is there a common leadership style across the business? Are customers receiving the same service approach regardless of who they’re dealing with, how they’re interacting and where they’re based?

CONFIDENCE – Are your people happy in their work? Do they have the knowledge and skills to handle things? And are they empowered to focus on what’s best for the customer without blame or escalation?

There’s more to it of course. But our experience from using the Accelerator Curve is that Clarity helps Consistency which helps Confidence. And once your people and customers are confident, anything’s possible!

Stay ahead of the curve – and let us know if we can help!

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