Our clients tell us that expectations from their customers, staff and wider stakeholders have been reset over the last couple of years and there’s one common thread that holds it all together – organisational culture. Understanding what drives your team and customers, then creating a culture that resonates with these aspirations is vital to success. Whether developing staff, training leaders or improving customer experience, everything comes back to culture change.

Without a shared culture, there can be a disconnect between expectation and reality. For example, employers may want more ‘bums on seats’ but employees want more flexibility in location and time of work. Businesses may want customer service automation but customers actually want the personal touch. When leaders understand these expectations, they can start to influence the ‘feel’ of the organisation towards a culture that fosters teamwork, frees up decision-making and provides service with customers in mind.

So if you’re commissioning training, customer feedback or employee surveys, try and avoid thinking of each as a ‘project’ – instead look at them as part of your wider investment in the organisational culture that will drive long-term success.

“Aligning organisational culture with evolving expectations from customers, staff and stakeholders is vital, leading to better teamwork, empowered decision-making and a great customer experience.” Heidi Daniell, Co-Founder at Accelerator Solutions

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