Our research team are usually the ones gathering, analysing and reporting on client experience feedback programmes.

We practice what we preach and following important customer experience research we carried out for Craig Mills and Sam Mardon at Landmark, the tables were turned, and our research team received feedback about themselves!

We learnt that the 3 most important factors our clients value when working with a research team are:

1.   Ease of doing business – communication is key and working to find solutions to any problem.

2.   Effectiveness – someone who gets us and what we are trying to achieve.

3.   Approachability – somebody I want to talk to when I am working with them.

So how did our research team do…?

Ease of doing business? 9/10

Effectiveness? 9/10

Approachability? 10/10

Craig shared that,

“Anything I asked of Alena or Torina was never a problem. They took us at face value and worked through our jargon to deliver what we needed. It was all very well done. The latest survey was really useful in identifying new ways of working and ensuring we are continuously evolving.”

Understanding what your customers think, interpreting that data then turning it into actionable changes with assigned responsibility is what truly makes the difference when improving your customer experience.

If you think your business could benefit from speaking to our research team, please contact our Joint Heads of Research Alena Weaver and Ann-Marie Barker via info@acceleratorsolutions.com

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