Training: Core business skills

Core business skills include leadership, project management, effective planning, delegation and time management - and of course, so much more. Accelerator core business skills training taps into techniques and processes, with a focus on enhancing productivity via a range of methods - such as a full day or interactive training workshops.

Our wide range of Training & Development courses and programmes reflects our experience of helping over 400 customers across the UK, Europe and internationally.

From longer programmes designed to implement significant changes over time to condensed booster courses and ‘Power Hours’, we fit our training around your needs for the best results.


Personal Effectiveness

What is Personal Effectiveness?

One-day training workshop for all staff to manage time and self for maximum productivity. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, Personal Effectiveness will assess their unique time management challenges and gain the knowledge, confidence and practical skills to implement plans to improve their overall personal effectiveness.

Areas of focus:
- The work
- Personal habits and preferences
- Interaction with others
- The organisation – processes, norms, structures and systems

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What is Spot-on?

Half-day workshop (optional one-day version) aimed at all staff to reduce errors and improve attention to detail. Using practical exercises and tools to demonstrate how it is possible to produce high-quality and accurate work in their role. This workshop provides the foundation for improved customer satisfaction through getting things right more often.

Areas of focus:
- How to model beliefs and behaviours of the most accurate people
- Brain/eye co-ordination and visual skills
- Data transfer and copying
- Checking and proofreading work to a high standard

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PowerHours/Mighty 90s

What are PowerHours?

PowerHour is a compact, high energy learning session, focusing on one or two key messages and lasting 60 minutes.

What is a Mighty 90?

Mighty 90 is a short learning session, focusing on one or two key themes with extra opportunity for interaction and practice, lasting 90 minutes.

Topics can include:
- Email etiquette
- Dealing with complaints and issues
- Emotional Intelligence (EI) in a service context
- Bespoke workshops tailored to your organisational goals

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