As the dust is settling post-pandemic, the traditional approach of ‘bums on seats, five days a week’, seems to be a thing of the past, as hybrid working is the new normal.

Recent research from the Office of National Statistics found that, while productivity and work-life balance are reported to have increased with hybrid working, it is not without its challenges:

1.    30% of employees report an increase in hours worked as a result of being unable to detach work from home life, resulting in chronic burnout.
2.    Warning signs of stress are harder for managers to detect.
3.    48% of employees reported a lack of communication from their manager when working from home, making them feel undervalued.  
4.    A reliance on written communication can make colleagues feel disconnected and often messages can be negatively misconstrued.  

So, what can managers do to counteract these teething issues?

1.    Agree outcome-focused goals, so employees can see the real impact of work they do, creating a strong sense of achievement which in turn drives motivation.
2.    Invest time with each individual team member to understand their capabilities, working preferences, home situation and motivators. The resulting buy-in will promote wellbeing and high performance.
3.    Build an empathic approach to cultivate trust, psychological safety and a non-judgmental attitude towards mental health and work-life balance. Promote informal communication to build camaraderie whilst leading by example. Managers should not celebrate working long hours or allow it to be the norm!

Managers in our network, we’re curious - how have you felt managing employees who are working from home? How has it changed the way you manage and how have you had to adapt?

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