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We understand that granting managers time away from work to develop their skills can be hard to schedule and you may be worried about it getting in the way of immediate business priorities. This article will provide you with all the reasons why putting forward your promising managers for an Accelerator Solutions leadership course can be cost-effective, improve morale and retention and ultimately benefit your business. We’ll discuss why leadership training for managers is critical, what your business and participants can expect to gain from a leadership course and tackle any other hesitations you may have.

Leadership for the 21st century

In the rapidly evolving environment in which businesses now operate, the need for agile, future-ready leaders is more apparent than ever. Rapid technological, social and economic change has meant that it is no longer enough to lead in a linear way. Businesses require leaders who can predict, adapt and innovate, all whilst ushering their employees toward achieving the goals of the business.

Statistics for leadership qualities

Why is leadership training important?

It’s been three years since the UK voted to leave the EU, and the UK economy has been riddled with uncertainty whilst a definitive outcome is decided upon. It’s undeniable that UK businesses are feeling more hesitant than ever to make investments until a decision has been reached. This doesn’t just mean new ventures and ownership investments, but also investments in people. A study by Oxford Economics found that it costs businesses on average £30,614 to replace a member of staff, with the main factors being the cost of lost output whilst a new member of staff gets up to speed, and the logistical costs of recruiting and absorbing a new worker. With that astonishing figure in mind, it’s no surprise that business owners are exploring the idea of developing the talent they already have, utilising a train to retain mentality. 

Investing in current managers has often been overlooked by many organisations, with recruitment teams looking outward for their future leaders. This not only costs more, but it allows current ‘good managers’ to become uninspired, potentially leading them into the arms of a competitor. By looking inward and putting forward promising talent within your company for leadership training and development, staff morale and engagement can be boosted and retention rates increased.

Are you looking for future-proof leaders who will help to ensure your business is ready to take on the challenges faced ahead? The leadership course content delivered by Accelerator can be tailored to the context of your organisation and your company’s specific needs. 

"What can we expect from a leadership course?"

Knowing what to expect from a leadership course, both for participants and for the business, can be difficult. There are a number of providers out there all taking a different approach to learning and course content. Whether you are looking to send high-potential staff on a short 1-2 day course, or want to invest them in a long-term programme, Accelerator offers leadership courses to accommodate your needs. Choose from a range of tailored and flexible leadership courses, all designed to build on current skills and attributes to transform participants into the best leaders they can be. They can advance their skills and confidence in leading people to achieve company goals through our two-day Managing to High Performance course. Or perhaps develop their skills in leading through company values on our one-day Leading Through Values course.

An increasingly popular and important area of focus in the workplace is Emotional Intelligence (EI). Today’s employees are calling for leaders who understand, empathise, and resolve problems calmly and effectively. At Accelerator, we offer a one-day Emotional Intelligence course that focuses on:

  • Personal effectiveness

  • Performance and personal development

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Exploring ways we can manage our personality, behaviour and preferences

Management Accelerator Programme (MAP)

Accelerator has also been delivering a more in-depth and intensive programme, aimed at groups of managers from a single organisation. The programme aims to take ‘good managers’ and turn them into great leaders, and has already seen outstanding results. For example, six participants from a client’s recent ‘Management Accelerator Programme’ were promoted whilst attending the programme. Their promotion was directly attributed to their learning and personal development over the year-long programme.

Accelerator tailor content and help participants build new skills and confidence their way to a future leadership position through this intensive and rewarding programme.

Accelerator director and co-founder, Henry Hopkins, explains more about MAP and looks at the reasons why a Management Accelerator Programme will be more than worthwhile for your managers, and your organisation.

What are the target sectors/audience for MAP?

Our Management Accelerator Programme is aimed at organisations who want to really develop their leaders of the future from within, taking good managers and turning them into great leaders. The programme works best in high-value and/or B2B/industrial environments where the MAP investment (£3-5K per person) makes sense in terms of business impact post-training. However, there is no industry bias and I feel participants from almost any business could benefit.

What are the USPs of the MAP programme that differentiate it from other competitor programmes?

The MAP programme offers flexible content, tailored to the actual participants and their role, based around a tried and tested structure. For example, one company held a competency identification exercise for their group, to shape what they wanted their leaders to be like, using Emotional Intelligence as the foundation.

What are the key benefits of MAP for both participants and their employers?

For the participants, it shows commitment to a long-term future within the company from their employer.  The programme provides them with a greater understanding of how they can harness the power of Emotional Intelligence in effective team leadership and the group arrangement of the programme encourages participants to utilise each other as a team, empowering them to make decisions for themselves.

Since the course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), participants can not only gain formal recognition at the end of the course, but they also have access to ILM online content and learning tools during the programme.

For employers, the benefits are clear. They are left with a team ready for leadership who are engaged and motivated, which will in turn help with management retention. As a result of the programme, participants become role models within the business, leading others by demonstrating behaviours.

As part of the MAP programme, participants also have to complete a significant business improvement project, meaning a direct return on investment can be linked to the programme.

Are there any disadvantages to the programme?

There are no real disadvantages - the one factor that may discourage potential participants is the time and commitment needed to complete the programme. With such capacity for great results, those completing MAP need to be prepared to go that extra mile in order to reach their full potential. However, from the results achieved to date, I’m confident in saying that it is more than worthwhile.


Choose Accelerator Solutions as your leadership training course provider

Now we’ve provided you with all the information you need to understand what you and your managers can expect from a leadership course, the next move is yours! For more information on our ground-breaking MAP programme or any of our other leadership courses, don’t hesitate to contact Accelerator Solutions today. A member of our dedicated team will be happy to discuss your needs, advising on the most suitable course to ensure your employees reach their full leadership potential.

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