Training: Virtual Learning

Our virtual learning options provide you and your teams with invaluable support online. Ranging from high impact Webinars through to powerful 1:1 Coaching, we have a way to help you get the most out of the world of remote working.


What is a Webinar? 

A Webinar is an online method to communicate remotely to a large group of participants (from 15 up to 300). They can be as little as 15 minutes and we recommend that they don’t last any longer than 45 minutes. 

Webinars focus on the input from presenter(s) - sometimes both from Accelerator or one from the client company and normally, all participants will have video off and audio muted. However, you can gain live participant interaction and feedback via the comment and Q & A boxes or by holding polls. 





What are the benefits of a Webinar? 

• Gets information/knowledge/techniques across to large groups of people quickly 

• An easy method to keep people engaged in what is going on in the organisation, as well as giving them practical support for the new ways of working 

• Demonstrates continued commitment to the workforce, including furloughed members of staff 

• A recording of the Webinar can be provided to those unable to attend the live session

• Works well as an introductory scene setting event in advance of a series of virtual workshops (see later).


What are the typical subjects? 

Really any subject can be tackled through this form, ranging from specific organisational messages to work-based tips and techniques. For example: 

• Getting to grips with leading remotely 

• Balance, wellbeing and emotional resilience 

• Leading your development 

• Personal effectiveness 

• Managing performance remotely 

• Remote communication methods 




Virtual Workshop

What is a Virtual Workshop? 

A Virtual Workshop provides learning and development remotely for smaller, focused groups of participants (4 - 10). Providing a high level of interactivity and engagement, a workshop can last for up to 2.5 hours, with a break.

Delivery is with one or two facilitators and it can be useful to have someone from the client company to be involved. Accelerator's online pre and post surveys are often used along side the workshop, as well as workbooks or handouts being sent electronically.




What are the benefits of Virtual Workshops? 

• An easy method to keep the focus on development, during uncertain times when participants are likely to have greater opportunity for self-reflection, skill building and learning 

• Demonstrates continued commitment to the your managers and teams, including furloughed members of staff.

• Alongside the actual learning topic, participants contribute to a sense of social engagement, purpose and achievement 

• Provides quick access to skills that are required right now to help you through this difficult period. 


What are the typical subjects? 


Really any skill can be tackled through a Virtual Workshop, ranging from Emotional Intelligence to remote leadership, or from specialist customer service skills to core business skills. These Virtual Workshops can be further supported by 1:1 coaching (see later). 


Virtual Coaching

What is Virtual Coaching? 

Virtual Coaching is a remote method for 1:1 coaching using telephone or preferably via video meeting. Each session lasts 30-60 minutes and is confidential, allowing the coachee to have a safe environment to discuss issues, challenges and opportunities. 

There will be an initial kick-off session to create rapport, establish goals and set ground rules for coaching. After this, we usually provide at least two or three more sessions, sometimes more depending on the need. Typically, sessions will be 3-6 weeks apart. 


What are the benefits of Virtual Coaching? 

• Based on your 'each individual' owns needs and development priorities 

• Provides an impartial sounding board to give support and encouragement during challenging times

• Can support other development, challenging application of learning via other routes 

•  Can be combined with psychometrics tools, such as Lumina Spark, to further enhance and tailor the coaching. Our consultants are fully qualified and experienced Lumina Spark Practitioners.

What are the typical subjects? 

It completely depends on individual needs!





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