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Accelerator offers a range of specialist Leadership and Management training courses, designed to be delivered at your workplace by one of our experienced trainers. Importantly, all standalone and accredited training courses can be tailored to the context of your organisation and your company’s specific needs.

When designing leadership and management training courses, our content is aligned with the principle that a strong workplace culture stems from effective leadership.

Our courses can be found below, and range from developing social intelligence as a leader, through to bespoke Management Accelerator Programmes (MAPs). However, if you can’t see the perfect leadership and management training course for your organisation, please get in touch.


Empowering Service

What is Empowering Service?

Three-day training course (optional 2-day version) for all managers and coaches delivering customer service through teams. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, the course builds skills and practical ideas to develop, engage and inspire others to deliver team and organisational service goals.

Areas of focus:
- Learning from the best service organisations
- Creating an empowered culture
- Coaching
- Emotional Intelligence
- Helping teams deal with difficult situations

Options include training impact evaluation through our Service Snapshot for Managers online tool.

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Leading Service

What is Leading Service?

Three-day training course for managers who have already gained some experience in leading a service team. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, Leading Service develops advanced skills and confidence to lead service change in a positive and proactive way.

Areas of focus:
- The future of service – trends & innovations
- How to build a strategy with the ‘Service Edge’
- Coaching and role modelling
- Advanced Emotional Intelligence and empowerment
- Leading change

Options include training impact evaluation through our Leader Snapshot, 360° Snapshot and Emotional Intelligence online tools.

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Growing a Coaching Culture

What is Growing a Coaching Culture?

Two-day course aimed at Team Leaders and Managers, to help them support development and promotion through the business rather than recruiting externally. This development course will help master the skills required to coach people, enabling them to reach their potential and empowering them to take ownership. In turn, this will help grow your organisation through goal achievement.

Areas of focus:
- What is coaching?
- The roles of coaching
- Coaching models and techniques
- Motivating and dealing with difficult people situations

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Managing to High Performance

What is Managing to High Performance?

Two-day training course suitable for all Team Leaders and Managers. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, this programme covers the concept of flexible but assertive leadership and teaches key skills for leading people to achieve company goals. It also demonstrates how to deal with the more challenging situations of poor performance, a drop in motivation or ‘can but won’t’ behaviour.

Areas of focus:
- The context of service excellence organisationally and personally
- Applying leadership models to real situations when directing, coaching, supporting and delegating
- Assertive and effective communication to influence the business at all levels
- Steps for working through regression, poor performance or low motivation

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Leading Through Values

What is Leading Through Values?

Two-day course for Team Leaders and Managers to develop fundamental leadership and management skills, with both the customer and the values at the core. It is critical for leaders that they not only role-model these values but also lead by them, and develop others to work by them too.

Areas of focus:
- Situational Leadership
- Employee engagement/motivation
- Goal setting
- Monitoring performance

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Social Intelligence

What is Social Intelligence?

Two-day training course aimed at all staff to gain an understanding of social interactions and the techniques to improve them, such as self-management and developing trust. This course looks at the ability to influence people and situations in order to achieve the optimum outcomes.

Areas of focus:
- Techniques to improve your interactions within the context of your individual purpose
- Identify possible strengths and developments
- Interactions and how to enhance them
- How to build and maintain real trust

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Emotional Intelligence: Knowing Me, Knowing You

What is Emotional Intelligence: Knowing Me, Knowing You?

One-day training workshop suitable for all staff to understand and build confidence in using Emotional Intelligence (EI) to gain a positive impact. Aimed at groups 8 upwards, the workshop aims to build on the foundations of EI and understanding it's importance.

Areas of focus:
- Personal effectiveness
- Performance and personal development
- Interpersonal relationships
- Exploring ways we can manage our personality, behaviour and preferences

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Management Accelerator Programme (MAP)

What is the Management Accelerator Programme (MAP)?

A 6-month to 12-month programme, to develop the leadership talent of the future within your organisation. Aimed at groups of less than 8, who have demonstrated high performance and the potential to fulfil leadership roles. MAP is best positioned as an award for those who have delivered results, shown commitment and demonstrated future potential within your organisation. Content is normally tailored to organisational needs, as well as individual strengths and weakness to bring out the best leadership skills possible.

Areas of focus can include:
- Developing a solid base of fundamental management skills
- Team-working, interpersonal skills and personal impact
- Decision-making and problem-solving
- Strategic thinking & managing change

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