We feel slightly uncomfortable making this a sales proposition considering the sensitive and tragic nature of recent events within the social housing sector. However, we feel really passionately about using our experience to help more housing associations build a culture that puts customers at the heart of their service.
It seems the sector is at a critical point, particularly given the introduction of the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) regime this week.
The recent Housing Ombudsmen Special Report on RBH strongly suggested that social housing providers need to take action quickly:
"Everyone should be treated with respect, no matter their background, gender, race or nationality. Landlords hold professional relationships with some of our most vulnerable people in society and it is imperative they understand the importance of respect and the devastating impact it can have if not used".
"Offering relevant training and ensuring it is embedded is a start but more needs to be done to move the culture back towards a focus on customer service and seeing the resident. The resident is turning to the landlord for help and the dehumanisation of residents because of deadlines, targets, waiting lists or personal bias has no place in a modern social housing sector".
We have many years of experience specifically around delivering training at pace within the social housing sector. If you need help turning things around, please reach out - we want to help.

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