Happy International Women's Day!

Ever since Accelerator was founded back in 2000 female leadership has been at the forefront of our success. Co-founder and Director Heidi Daniell is one of 12 women who continue to drive us forward.

Actions mean more than words on days like these when we celebrate important issues. We are proud to say, today Accelerator is made up of 70% women.

Here is what Alena Weaver, Joint Head of Research at Accelerator has to say...

"I have always loved working at Accelerator and appreciated the way they trust their staff from day one. Throughout my career at Accelerator I have felt empowered and supported to try new things, continue to grow and develop. Even when my personal life circumstances changed whether it be through a child or unforeseen life events, they have been flexible throughout in terms of working location and days. This has enabled me to keep working and challenging myself, despite the many pulls on my time as a working mum. I know many parents who have had inflexible employers whom have quit their jobs in search of a better employer".

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