Kindness is often seen as a weakness in the workplace and is rarely displayed by leaders. A successful employee / leader is seen as driven, task focused, tenacious and 'at any cost.'

What we need right now are courageous leaders who are not afraid to display kindness and gratitude.

Join the team at Accelerator and The WOW! Awards for this interactive and engaging webinar where we will be sharing fresh and relevant insight into the topic of Kindness and Gratitude in the workplace. Covering three highly engaging themes:

  • The Power of Kindness – What is Kindness? The science behind the quality
  • Expressing Gratitude – How to express one of the most overlooked tools in the workplace?
  • Courageous Leadership – The impact of positive role modelling of Kindness & Gratitude

Open displays of kindness and gratitude by leaders have a positive impact on employees and create a positive cascading effect. Join us and get into the heart of the topic.

Kindness looks good on you!

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