Skills Training: Customer Service

When you invest in customer service skills and training, it’s important to see a positive behavioural change in your identified development areas. Accelerator’s customer service training is geared towards achieving behavioural change and helps give your people the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to take your business forward.

We offer a range of specialist customer service courses, both standalone and accredited, that can be tailored to the context of your organisation. Our customer service skills training options can be found below, and range from half-day workshops focusing on the essentials of delivering great customer service, through to more intensive two-day course options.


Lasting Impressions

What is Lasting Impressions?

Two-day customer service skills training course for all staff, particularly those who provide a service face-to-face or by phone. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, this course uses engaging activities, group work and insightful comparison to build new skills, deliver practical ideas and bring a return on training investment.

Areas of focus:
- What is service excellence?
- How to become a service professional
- Dealing with difficult customer situations
- Teamwork
- Emotional Intelligence

Options include training impact evaluation through our Service Snapshot online tool.

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Service Trust

What is Service Trust?

Two-day customer service training course suitable for all service providers. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, it’s perfect for those already providing a good service but want to know ‘How can I deliver an even better service that keeps up with increasing customer expectations?’

Areas of focus:
- The context of service excellence organisationally and personally
- Service trends and models
- Advanced Emotional Intelligence
- Team value and culture

Options include training impact evaluation through our Service Snapshot and 180° Snapshot online tools.

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Service Sense

What is Service Sense?

One-day training workshop aimed at all staff to appreciate their role in building the service reputation of your business. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, Service Sense will develop skills and confidence in delivering service in a positive and proactive way.

Areas of focus:
- The customer’s shoes
- Service expectations
- Verbal and non-verbal communication
- Working together with customers in mind

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Defuse It!

What is Defuse It?

One-day training workshop for all staff. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, focusing on attitudes and skills to confidently manage emotional or difficult customer scenarios.

Areas of focus:
- Understanding others in difficult situations
- Assertive communication
- Role play
- Conflict handling
- Emotional Intelligence
- Tools and techniques to defuse situations

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What is Sorted?

One day complaints handling workshop, which can benefit all staff. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards, Sorted helps staff manage and resolve customer complaints…for good!

Areas of focus:
- Identifying what a complaint is
- Emotional Intelligence
- Dealing with complaints verbally and in writing
- Saying sorry and no

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Heads Up!

What is Heads Up?

Half-day training workshop aimed at all staff to appreciate and
understand their own role, as well as their colleague roles,
in service delivery within your business. Aimed at groups of
8 upwards, Heads Up! will empower your staff to
deliver great customer service with confidence.

Areas of focus:
- Ownership of service delivery
- Tools and techniques to deliver great service
- Dealing with difficult customers
- Impact on customer perception

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Inside Out!

What is Inside Out?

One-day or half day workshop for those who need to think beyond their individual roles and responsibilities to bring the team together and to understand the internal customer. Aimed at groups of 8 upwards and suitable for existing teams that work in silo, sub-teams within a function or individuals from different functions that need to work more collaboratively.

Areas of focus:
-Establishing group purpose, norms and values
-Repairing communication breakdowns
-Fundamentals of team work

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