Our Marketing Consultant, Rachel, has been wedding dress shopping over the last few weeks. The hunt for the perfect dress was becoming quite complex. After two fittings she had started to work out what she vaguely wanted in terms of style.

However, with the wedding date being in 7 months, the pressure was on to make a decision because new dresses have an 8-month lead time and pre-loved dresses seem to be snapped up in a matter of days. This meant Rachel had chopped and changed days and times with the various dress shops to make sure she could fit them all in quickly to be sure to not miss out.

On Saturday, SHE FOUND THE ONE! After already visiting two dress shops and having another three lined up for the next week, Rach tentatively sent out five emails letting them know she would no longer need their help. Assuming they’d be disappointed and a bit annoyed after re-arranging appointments and holding dresses back, she was pleasantly surprised by all four companies! Every single one of them simply said …
“We are so delighted that you’ve found the perfect dress. We hope you have the most special day”.
Despite missing out on a sale (after working very hard to win it) they were all so genuine in their response. With wedding dresses being a one-off purchase (hopefully), they really have nothing to gain in being so kind.

This is a real example of having a ‘HIGHER PURPOSE’. For them it clearly isn’t just about money, it’s about making sure each bride feels beautiful on their wedding day.

What a lovely example of simply fantastic customer service!

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