If the bizarre weather this summer has reminded us of anything, it’s that our environment is highly unpredictable, and change is inevitable. And that goes for the business environment as much as the natural world.

The vital component is to have agile leaders who can adapt their style and approach. People are inherently averse to change, so how do you navigate unexpected change that will impact your business? And how do you bring people with you on the change journey?

At Accelerator we’ve seen a big uptake in leadership programmes with clients who recognise that change seems to be the only certainty these days. Here are five nuggets that have come out so far:

1. Understand your own leadership style and where you need to work on being more adaptable
2. Appreciate how people react to change, from shock and denial through to acceptance and integration
3. Focus on honest, personal, two-way communication, approaching difficult conversations with clarity and empathy
4. Paint a picture of success that everyone can relate to, supported by meaningful short-term goals
5. Treat change as an opportunity not a problem – the businesses that adapt best will be the ones who emerge strongest

If you think your organisation could be better prepared for unpredictable change, please send us a an email and we can organise an informal chat.

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