Startling Survey Reveals Alarming Impact of Bad Management on UK Workers.

A recent survey conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) sheds light on a concerning issue affecting the UK workforce.

The findings are eye-opening:

  1. One in three UK workers have quit their jobs due to poor management and a negative workplace culture.
  2. An astonishing 82% of bosses are "accidental" managers without formal training.
  3. Ineffective managers can leave employees feeling demotivated, with nearly half considering leaving in the next year.

The key takeaway? Train your managers. Like any skilled profession, effective management demands focused training. The fact that over three quarters of managers haven't received formal training highlights an issue we must collectively address.

This survey reminds us that effective leadership is essential for success and it's time to invest in it. Let's create workplaces that nurture growth, empower employees and drive the UK economy forward.

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