• Administration DownWorldwide delivery of customer service and service leadership training
  • Staff LocationsTraining delivered in 9 different languages
  • MembersAfter training, 100% of participants felt more confident in dealing with challenging customer service situations


Allergan, a worldwide pharmaceutical company, recognised that its customer service approach was inconsistent across all of the business as well as within the business itself. Employees not only had different levels of experience of customer service but, as the business is worldwide, culturally the perception of what excellent customer service looked like was very different.

As we progress through rolling out our Customer Service training with Accelerator to our teams, based in 15 different countries, the feedback is brilliant. We are getting some real eye openers. The difference it makes when a manager empowers their team to become engaged and make positive impact on both the business and the customer is invaluable.

Mags Kelly, Associate Director International Customer Service Excellence


Accelerator Solutions worked alongside the team in the UK to deliver a worldwide roll out of customer service and service leadership training across departments in Europe, Asia, Australia and Central and South America in 9 different languages. Our ‘Lasting Impressions’ and ‘Empowering Service’ programmes were introduced across the company, training front line service providers to senior management staff. All of the training was endorsed by the ILM, regardless of which country it occurred in.




Allergan are now delivering a consistent customer centric approach regardless of the country, and starting to ‘join the dots’ throughout the organisation.

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