Welsh Water

  • Staff LocationsTraining delivered across Wales
  • MembersTraining delivered to over 1,200 contractors
  • Thumbs UpTripled the number of compliments within two years


In a sector that is all about reputation, Welsh Water aspires to be the most trusted provider of essential services, have the highest percentage of supporters amongst their customers and of pride amongst their colleagues. The challenge was to deliver these messages across their large number of partners throughout Wales and Herefordshire and give them the skills to deal positively with customers in moments that matter, attracting more compliments than complaints.

When working in the communities we serve, we want to make sure that our customers always receive a first class level of customer service – from our staff and the staff of our partners. Accelerator is helping us to deliver this across the business to over 3,000 employees. They listened to our challenges and created an interactive solution that is bespoke to our goals of earning the trust of our customers and achieving more compliments than complaints from our customers.

Shaun O’Leary, Capital Programme Manager, Welsh Water


Welsh Water launched ‘The Contract Partners Service Charter’, which incorporated all of their aspirations and would provide focus for their partners. Accelerator designed and delivered across Wales, an interactive bespoke half day training solution. The training combined the ‘The Contract Partners Service Charter’ and Welsh Water’s Values as well as delivering essential skills development, enabling all Welsh Water colleagues to deliver an excellent seamless joined-up service for their customers.


Welsh Water


The mind-set of the partners has significantly shifted since the training was completed. The outlook is that of ownership of a customer encounter, recognising that they are the face of Welsh Water and are part of the overall service experience for that customer. With an attitude of ‘How can I help you’, no wonder the compliments are increasing more and more. Other headlines:

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