East Thames Group

  • Compensation DownCompensation down from £103k to £36k
  • Administration DownCost of administrating complaints down from £90k to £0
  • Complaints DownComplaints reduced by 88% (from 945 to 112)


Before we started, Customer Satisfaction was at an all-time low of 19.7% at East Thames Group and a high volume of complaints were taking over 12 months to close. Compensation was seen as the way of managing complaints. East Thames Groups’ goals were to change their culture and refocus on their values.

Accelerator Solutions delivered fantastic Customer Service training to the whole organisation as part of our Good to Great transformation program. Together we developed a ‘Licence to Resolve’ program which gives everyone the tools they need to deliver our Award-winning, new complaints process.

Avis Rhodes, Head of Customer Services
East Thames Group


We worked in partnership with East Thames to achieve their goals and as a result, their new complaints handling process was launched. Accelerator helped implement a bespoke customer service training programme, ‘Licence to Resolve’, to improve the customer experience and improve the customer journey through a LEAN complaints process. Helping to reduce complaints and increase customer satisfaction.


East Thames Group


As a result of this new process Accelerator and East Thames Group became The Complaints Handling Awards Winner. This new award-winning approach to handling customer complaints, meant that the volume of complaints were down from 945 per annum to 112 in 6 months and customer satisfaction for complaints handling increased from 19.7% to 51%.

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