The Gym Group

  • Staff LocationsOver 1,000 staff trained in 90+ locations
  • Net Promoter ScoreNet Promoter Score (NPS) increased to +63.6
  • Members200,000 more members post-training


The Gym Group was a pioneer for low-cost, no-contract gyms in the UK. In a fast growing sector, it was essential that the offering moved from a low-cost emphasis towards a service-focused proposition. The aim was to build staff understanding and confidence to improve the service they deliver to members every day.

In a constantly changing industry, we needed to create a clear stand-out proposition to be able to grow. Accelerator helped us develop and implement a new service style and ‘Moments of Truth’ that we now fully embrace across the business.

People Director, The Gym Group plc


We began with an initial research/discovery period, followed by a thorough process to clarify what was the ‘customer service proposition’ using a bespoke online survey asking staff and freelance personal trainers to review 30 service statements.

From this we developed a new Gym Group ‘Service Style’, clearly showing what great service looked like. From this, the five most significant ‘Moments of Truth’ for gym members were identified, each with linked behaviours that fed into competency development and recruitment.

A full training programme was launched, using the theme Heads Up! and rolled out through highly participative sessions across the business. A further programme of leadership training gave GMs coaching and feedback skills to ensure that ‘Heads Up!’ is reflected in the service experience for members every day.


The Gym Group


Increased positive feedback through Feefo customer review system enabled The Gym Group to achieve Gold Partner status. Turnover of personal trainers reduced by over 50%. Other headlines:

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