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  • Customer FocusAngel Trains’ customer satisfaction increased to 7.7 - the highest level for five years.
  • Thumbs UpTrain operator ratings for ’customer value’ reached the highest-ever level.
  • Net Promoter ScoreThe overall Net Promoter Score, based on willingness to recommend Angel Trains, improved by 15 points compared to 2021.


In a complex rail industry the challenge is to understand what each train operating company needs from Angel Trains in order for it to deliver the best service to its passengers. Given the regulated nature of the rail market the total number of customers is small in comparison to other industries. It’s therefore absolutely vital that the Customer Service team builds strong and impactful long-term relationships with each customer. Exactly the same can be said for the suppliers that Angel Trains relies upon to build, maintain, refurbish and modernise its trains. In order to gain an impartial insight into its customers and suppliers, Angel Trains undertakes an annual independent assessment of the quality and strength of these relationships. The aim is to understand what works well but also to get to the heart of any issues in order to quickly make any required changes.

‘We’ve worked with Henry, Heidi and their team for over fifteen years. In an industry that’s pretty heavy on technical jargon, their knowledge and expertise enable them to cut through and uncover the types of insight that make all the difference when it comes to improving customer satisfaction.’

Matthew Labuda, Head of Customer Services (North)


Angel Trains appointed Accelerator over 15 years ago as independent partners to design and manage its ‘Stakeholder Feedback Programme’. MatthewLabuda, Head of Customer Services (North) says they have been returning to Accelerator for so long because of our deep understanding of the rail industry and the wider rail context – vital in maintaining engagement and probing for in-depth feedback when interviewing stakeholders. “In an industry like this, to have an informed independent party is really valuable” said Matthew. Furthermore, the relationships and trust we’ve built with Angel Trains’ stakeholders means that participants have become more likely to agree to interviews and give open and honest feedback. We’ve also helped Angel Trains in other ways, including the provision of accredited customer service training through the Investor in Customers (IIC) Ambassador Award. This gave a focus on soft skill development such as listening, asking open questions and Emotional Intelligence. Angel Trains is passionate about investing in its people and ensuring that the ‘technical experts’ also have the people skills to consistently support the company’s vision of being ‘the people the rail industry most wants to work with’.


Angel Trains


The 2022 Stakeholder Feedback Programme secured over 100 interviews during a very challenging period for the UK rail industry post-Covid.

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