• Net Promoter ScoreNet Promoter Score increased from +47 to +51 in 3 years.
  • Customer FocusOverall client satisfaction increased to 8.6/10
  • Thumbs UpOur survey identified pain points and 'quick fixes' to help improve client service.


Landmark & The Space strive to differentiate themselves by the client feeling and overall experience. They want to go beyond flexible office space and benchmark against the best businesses for client experience. The aim is to be consistently ‘good by design, not by accident’ by adopting the belief that ‘every working day matters’. Landmark wanted to put in place regular measurement as they moved towards their goals. They saw the first step as obtaining client insights research that set a baseline and helped understand client pain points that could be addressed to further improve Landmark’s already strong service reputation It was particularly important to collect data post-pandemic, as people have changed the way they use office spaces. Landmark were conscious that they didn’t want to make assumptions about their clients and start building a client experience journey based on old data.

Accelerator have really helped us kick-start our client experience programme. We’ve had the data from our survey presented in such a useful format, that we’ve been able to use it in all departments and at all levels across the business. It’s made creating a CX strategy easier and we’re looking forward to working with them again in 2023 to measure the impact of our actions.

Sam Mardon


Landmark’s senior leadership team worked with Accelerator to agree exactly what they wanted to learn from their clients and how the survey should be run.

The survey was initially completed online by individuals working for clients based at each building. This method proved cost-effective and gave all clients the opportunity to have their say, as well as volunteering themselves for a more in-depth interview if required. The result was over 1,300 online responses across 44 buildings, plus almost 50 in-depth interviews.

Feedback gathered from the survey has been used both business-wide and at building level, covering:

Initial selection of Landmark and the move-in experience.

Gap analysis where clients were asked to rate the importance of a wide range of factors and their satisfaction with Landmark on those factors Competitor comparisons.

Overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend (leading to Net Promoter Score).

Sam was delighted with the consistent communication between herself and Accelerator, receiving updates up to three times a week about new responses received. These highlighted which buildings had responded, and which needed more encouragement.

Once concluded, the Landmark team were provided with a detailed, meaningful and insightful report. Accelerator didn’t simply play back the data, instead presenting everything in a way that Landmark could quickly digest and make informed decisions based on it. Follow-ups and focus groups were also planned, to further amplify the learnings gained from the survey. Example quote from survey feedback: “Great reputation, but some adaptations needed for the evolving purpose of the office. Client perspectives have changed since home working during Covid. Keep listening to clients and being attentive and responsive – your staff are your secret sauce!”


The survey provided tangible results that informed Landmark and The Space’s decision-making to address quick fixes, such as providing plant-based milk options, as well as higher-level decisions such as a review of climate control in individual offices.

Insight previously provided by Accelerator in 2019 has been a factor in Landmark’s ability to maintain and build on the positive scores. Overall client satisfaction slightly improved to 8.6 on a scale of 1-10. Similarly, the Landmark Net Promoter Score (“How likely is it that you would you recommend Landmark to a colleague or business partner?”) increased from +47 to +51 overall, placing Landmark and The Space alongside well-known high-service brands and significantly ahead of their biggest competitor.

Landmark’s differentiator had been identified as their client service and on-boarding of new clients is the first impression they make. Therefore this was identified as an area for more detailed insight, towards a goal of 10/10 every time for the move-in experience. Accelerator found that on average they scored 9/10 across all buildings. Although to most businesses that would be deemed excellent, it was data that Landmark and The Space could use to address all pain points for on-boarding clients, helping them make their mark as the long-term industry leaders in client experience.

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